Federal Trade Commission or as you may know FTC has specific rules set in place so that consumers should be provided with the information that all affiliate material on the internet is either sponsored or partnered with a company and the party posting that content is being compensated for it.

Here in Best Saw Insider, all the links you’ll find our Amazon affiliate links and clicking on them means that high tennis shoes will be earning a little compensation from the sale of those specific items.

Amazon Services LLC Associates Program provides a means for website owners to earn commission by providing and affiliated sites, as well as to other websites that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program links on their websites. When a consumer visits a store through that link, the owner of the site gets a small commission in return, but that doesn’t mean that the price being quoted to the consumer would be any different. Consumers will still be getting the product at the same price if they have visited the store on their own, and there are no extra charges.

These links are not “pay per click” and do not have any other hidden motive behind.

How this works is that whenever you click on a link, it will bring you to the Amazon store page where the product is listed, and you’ll be buying directly from that Amazon store, and top tennis shoes would have no part in that process. Tennis Shoes Guides are just there to provide a review on the said shoe and would not be entitled to any claim you would have after the purchase of that said item.

Best Saw Insider does not provide sponsored content, and all blogs and reviews posted are unbiased and keeping in mind the consumers benefit first. We see our viewers as family and friends and does not provide a report on any product that we won’t buy ourselves or recommend in our social circle. These links are just a way to keep the website running so that we can keep providing you quality reviews on the products out there.

Hope you understand and even still if you have any doubt in mind you can always contact us and we’ll try to explain to the best of our knowledge.


Best Saw Insider Team.